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Health Education Courses (Medical Missionary)
Health Education Courses (Medical Missionary)

Health Education Courses (Medical Missionary)

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This Program was already executed over a 7 weeks period at 5 days per week. This Health Education program has over 40 courses geared towards Physical, Mental, Spiritual Restoration and Maintenance.

You now have the opportunity to be in the know and learn fundamentals of maintaining good health the Natural Way.

Healthy Reforms is more than happy to bring you this power packed program that is guaranteed to change your life. This program has been developed with input from the professionals in their respective fields namely:

  • Naturopathic 
  • Nutritionist & Dietician 
  • Clinical Nutritionist 
  • Medical Missionary 

The program includes special course on Men's Health and Women's Health and the general knowledge on the Eight Laws of health vs diseases, Critical & controversial classes as Vaccines, Epigenetics, Country Living Self Sustaining Lifestyle plus much more. You will be enlightened as you learn the simple yet effective methods of health restoration.

How is the course delivered? 

The course in general is a correspondence course, however you will have access to an assistant lecturer to help you through the specific course. To do each course you will be provided with:

  • Video Recording
  • Audio Recording (For Data Concerns)
  • Slides of Lecture
  • Questions and Answers
  • Recommended Reading Material 

As you complete each course you will move on to the other courses given to you. You however, have the option to purchase access to the entire program page to do the work at your own pace while submitting assignments. Submission of assignments will lead to the reception of your certificate. 

After purchasing this program you will receive an email with a code to the training page or your first course material with introduction to your assisting teacher.

The Following is a list of Just Ten courses included in the program:

  1. Alternative & Mystical Healing Therapies. Are they Medically Sound and Spiritually Safe?
  2. Diet & Spirituality 
  3. Anatomy & Physiology 1
  4. Digestive System Explained 
  5. Full Body Care
  6. Introduction To Herbs 
  7. Hypertension 
  8. Diabetes
  9. Weight Loss
  10. Meal Planning & Cooking

We Look forward to see you in class.....