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Vaccines are the Perfect Pathogenic Primer! - Part 1

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” Amos 3: 7.

The mystery of godliness is seen in the life of Jesus Christ as He took on Himself the nature of man and became as one of us, and the mystery of sin manifests itself in Satan the father of lies. If we put one and one together, we shall see that the mystery of many highly dangerous diseases is no mystery at all and that they are just manifestations of the curse of sin. You see, dear reader, whenever the word of God is trampled underfoot by man, when His laws are no longer held in eminence over the man's maverick thoughts and actions, the man is no longer safe. He is a danger to himself and others, hence the world groans. Even nature expresses her disapproval of our conduct.

In general, as a nation, we have failed to achieve much in our scientific researches because we do not realize that it is only as we are loyal to God; His wondrous works and perfect knowledge are open to us, affording us the privilege to know, and to continue to increase our knowledge regarding the laws and operations of nature; accumulating the secrets of each living organism, from any of the various botany that exists all over the world to the smallest plant-sucking insect, which feeds on them to the bright-colored and spotted warm and cold-blooded creatures that roam the earth, navigate the sky, and explore the deep-blue sea.

Because of our disregard for fixed laws; the Law of Moses with the statutes and judgments that God told us to remember (Malachi 4: 4); statutes that forbid the amalgamation of livestock and farm crops (Leviticus 19: 19), humanity is plagued with all sorts of ailments, especially on the rise is autoimmune diseases.

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The actual cause of autoimmune disease leaves the scientific minds of this world frantic with frustration and groping for answers. It is written, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, saith the Lord, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent man. Tell me now, where is the wise? Where is the Scientist? Where are the disputatious men and women of this world? Have not I, the God of creation made the wisdom of this world foolishness? For after that I had given wisdom to the men of this world; the glory due to Me for the gift of wisdom, saith the Lord, has been ascribed to man's own abilities, and he has shut out the great giver of all things from his mind. Therefore, it pleases Me to use a foolish man to confound the wise, yes, a man who is despised, a man who is not esteemed, to bring to naught things that are: that all praise, honor and glory may be ascribed to Me."  1 Corinthians 1: 19-31, margin.

There are three views about the actual cause of autoimmune disease. Take for example, MS is said to be caused by a viral infection, hereditary or an adverse reaction to the environment.

Nevertheless, the scientific minds of the world claimed they cannot find any evidence of viral infection or any other reason for deterioration of the myeline that surround the nerve fibre. Myeline is the white fatty (marrow like) substance that forms a medullar sheath (insulating sheath) around some nerve fibres. What makes matters worse is that these men of illustrious reputation that the world views as wise believe that the DNA holds the answer to the problem, but they just cannot pinpoint which segment of the DNA is involved in the cause of the disease.

God intended that in all ages, His Church should be the go to people for answers, but like Israel of old, modern Israel is a rebellious people. God has spread out His hands all day unto us and continually we provoke Him to anger, refusing to obey His laws and health statutes. Nevertheless, for the glory and honor of the only true and wise God, and our Savior Jesus, I was shown that there is a small group of functional medicine practitioners whom God has enlighten as to the real cause of MS. Though they have unwittingly embraced God’s method, He blesses their effort and fulfil the prophecy of Moses and Isaiah by moving modern Israel to jealousy and manifest Himself to them that asked not after Him. Read (Deuteronomy 32: 21 and Isaiah 65: 1.)

Of a truth, now I understand why God sent Elijah to the widow woman of Zarephath when there were many widows in Israel when the heaven was shut up for three years and six months; and cleansed only Naaman the leper in the time of Elisha when there were many lepers in Israel. O what heart of unbelief we have.

Little by little the Lord revealed truths to these men and women. Truths that His Church was privilege to share with the world but did not; that MS and other autoimmune disease occurs inside the body when an immunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic priming peptides is injected into the body as a precaution against contracting a disease.  Almost everyone has come in contact with such at some point in their lives between the time of infancy and childhood when it is normally introduced into the body temple. 

I saw that God was doing all that He can to inform the world about the servants of Satan that came up with this ingenious way to affect the bodies of the public, especially the saints, those who stood fast for the truth and will not be carried away by satanic influences. Oh, that all could get a view of the matter as God revealed it to me. Are there no physicians among the people of God to tell the world that the agents of the Devil are impregnating the masses with pieces of virus mingled with other germs from animals and human, claiming that it will render them immune to certain disease? 

The Lord made me to understand that Satan was behind it all, the inoculation of smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella and many other vaccine programs. I saw that Satan was working in this way because he knew that it would cause an abnormal reaction in the immune system. The devil and his agents knew that vaccines plant the seeds of disease into our tissues and blood when we partake of it, and overtime when stress, polluted air (i.e. smoking), inadequate nutrition, and toxin overload because of too much haem iron and fat intake (i.e. animal protein with their pro-inflammatory fatty acids); the pH level of the blood will be undermined as well as the overall constitution of the systems of the body: the way in which they are composed and function.


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